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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I’m not sure how I can utilise a very large tub of spent compost I have from last year, any suggestions ?



Depending what you want to grow in the tub I'd just revitalise it with addition of general fertiliser, like Growmore, Blood, fish & bone, chicken poo pellets, Vitax Q4 etc

Failing that just spread it as a top dressing on any border / flower patch

6 Mar, 2022


I usually add it to the soil in the borders, just as a top dressing and the worms soon incorporate it.

6 Mar, 2022


Thanks guys, that will do nicely.

6 Mar, 2022


Make sure there are no vine weevil grubs in it. If you see any white grubs, spread the compost out somewhere & the birds will polish them all off for you.

6 Mar, 2022


Thanks F, will check it out.

6 Mar, 2022

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