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InfoMy Flowering Cherry Tree has new growth coming from the bottom of trunk

Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Info Please....
My Flowering Cherry Tree has new growth coming from the bottom of trunk, they now have flowered with white flowers, the rest of the tree is still in tight bud that blossom will be pink, does anyone know what is happening to my tree? xx Jackie xx



I suspect the pink blossom part is grafted onto a white flowered root stock. The white stems can be removed by exposing where they come off the root stock and then tear it off. It is similar to suckers on roses.

24 Mar, 2022


I agree with SG, sounds like the rootstock is growing

If you leave it the top bit, your pink one will die off & the white one will take over, solution is as SG says

24 Mar, 2022


Oh! Thanks for the info, I did have a feeling that is what has happened, the stems are quite thick at the bottom now so I'll better get a big saw to it LOL, I was also wondering if Cherries would form on the new growth?
Thanks Again
xx Jackie xx

25 Mar, 2022


If any cheries do form thye will alomost cetianly be the wild "bird" type of cherry and not juicy sweet ones

25 Mar, 2022


When you say Flowering cherry do you mean an ordinary cherry that is flowering? If you are expecting double pink blossom it sounds as if it's the one usaully called flowering cherry amd these do not normally bear fruit at all. Advice re suckers still stands though.

25 Mar, 2022


Oh! Thanks for that info on my Flowering Cherry xx
Ha! I once had a lovely cherry tree where I once lived, it was very big, it was full of cherries, I went out to pick some and all that was left on the whole tree was the stalks with the stones hanging on them LOL

26 Mar, 2022


That is because nobody knows how to convince Mr Blackbird that it isn't his personal tree...

30 Mar, 2022


i have a huge cherry in my back garden and the pigions decimate them really quickly before there even ripe.

2 Apr, 2022

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