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I have 3 Polgama Bush's in my Garden in Mallorca a month ago 1 began to change colour becoming lighter and lighter evetually ending up pale cream. I thought the bush had died but over a month later it is still alive, not brittle, and has not shed any leaves and is still bearing small lilac flowers! what is happening,? Someone has said it was dead as a weavil has got to the roots but it is definately still alive and its leaves refuse to come off even if you try to pull them off!!!



Jane, I'm stumped. What is a Polgama Bush?

28 Sep, 2010


I am sorry I gave the wrong spelling of the above bush in question it is a Polygala Bush not Polgama xxx Does this help?

30 Sep, 2010


Thanks, Jane! Unfortunately, I still may not be able to help you, because I have been unable to keep one alive through the summer, here in the desert. I would check with Wylieintheazores about them, especially since his climate should be fairly similar to yours. Just put his forum name in the search box, click on the first choice, "Wylieintheazores Plants", and click on "Leave a private message". I would also do a new question with the right spelling, to attract others who know the plant.

30 Sep, 2010

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