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My garden borders are well filled with perennials , shrubs, bulbs and empty spaces planted with Spring bedding and then Summer bedding. The nutrients in the soil must get well used up and I do use liquid fertiliser during the Summer. I am really unable to get in about with a more substantial fertilizer in the Spring as I would tread over the protruding bulbs. I could get in about in October or November without causing damage, however is this a pointless time of year to be adding fertilizers. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Regards Alistair



Fertilizers as such shouldn't be used this time of year, but what would be a good thing to do is to incorporate some humus rich materials such as well rotted garden compost, soil conditioning compost from the garden centre, spent mushroom compost, leaf mould, anything like that. If you can't dig it in because of the bulbs, just laying it over the top will be okay - the worms will drag it down into the soil for you.

27 Sep, 2010


I'm just about to empty a composter Bamboo. I don't have any veg or fruit. Which areas should I prioritise? All of the garden is recently reclaimed bramble & gorse thicket so has a lot of leaf litter. Like the questioner, I can't really dig the compost in as the earth is full of plants and bulbs. So should I topdress bushes, perennials or bedding plant areas?

27 Sep, 2010


I wouldn't waste it on the bedding, I'd use it round the shrubs, Beattie

27 Sep, 2010


Thanks to everyone for responding to my question

27 Sep, 2010


And thanks from me too to both of you! :-D

27 Sep, 2010

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