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Would anybody know what this awful stuff is? it spreads very quickly and creates a dense carpet. It lifts as a carpet too . It is a big problem when it gets to plant base. Hard to scrape and eliminate.




Liverwort. Nothing kills it. Not flame gun, not weed killer, not moss killer. Apple cider vinegar was recommended, but that did not work either.
Scrape it off.

8 Apr, 2022


Don't put it on the compost heap either.

9 Apr, 2022


This is a nonvascular plant so it is difficult to control. On the brighter side it is also one of the first colonizers on hard rock substrates helping to form the most precious of all substances....soil.

9 Apr, 2022


Physical removal ...repeatedly Owdboggy has recommended.

9 Apr, 2022


I have it in my garden. I remove it by hand sometimes but covering it with a good layer of soil helps, as like all plants it needs light to grow. I don’t know where mine came from, whether from a pot plant bought from a GC or brought in by the birds. I suspect the former.

12 Apr, 2022

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