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By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

Coleus Canina - does it really keep cats away? I am thinking of getting some.....can it be planted into gravel areas and is it frost hardy please?

It would be good to hear from someone who has actually used it as a cat deterrent :-)



I bought two last year in the hope ( as advertised) it would keep rabbits away as well but after the first night it was no more as they 'dug' it up and shredded it! the other in a tub was badly damaged but survived the rabbits --- but not the winter

27 Sep, 2010


Ah - well that takes care of that idea then - thanks :-)

27 Sep, 2010


other people may have ideas how to keep cats away from certain areas such as prick or thorny plans or branches if they 'use' a certain spot regularly!--- hope you are able to solve the problem, the rabbits here are musc fewer this year partly the bad winter but also -- I think-- a family of stoats

27 Sep, 2010


I found one of the 5 that frequent my garden rolling on the plant. So in my opinion it is a big fat no.

27 Sep, 2010



28 Sep, 2010

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