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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I am interested in taking cuttings from my fuschia, just in case it doesn't survive the winter. It says it is hardy, and I am not too keen on digging it up, unless absolutely necassary.

Could someone please tell me how to take a cutting?

Thanks in advance.



Cut and paste the link below for all the info that you could ever need!

27 Sep, 2010


Thanks Meanie, the blog looks very helpful.

27 Sep, 2010


Alextb I have taken tip cuttings about 6weeks ago and nwo all well rooted.

But if you take a tip cutting now ,you could use the method rooting in water or multi pot fuchias.

Do you have the name of your fuchsia?

27 Sep, 2010


dollar princess

27 Sep, 2010


I have had Dollar princess a few years ago a real pretty fuchsia.

But it did not overwinter for me.

Hope it does for you.

29 Sep, 2010


Thanks, I have taken 2 cuttings for two hanging baskets and brought them indoors.

I have no greenhouse, so indoors seems like the best option.

30 Sep, 2010

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