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I have two Camelias in very large pots but one of them in particular has grown very tall and very large in girth. The strong winds during the storm blew them both over, they are now upright again but we had to put bricks in the top of the pots to give more weight. Can I prune the largest one to make it a bit more manageable? I'd be very grateful for any advice you can give me.



Camellias may be pruned after flowering. The ones at Bodnant garden were cut very severely a few years back and they regrew nicely.

17 Apr, 2022


That's good news, thank you very much for your reply

18 Apr, 2022


I have several Camellias and they can be pruned to shape.
Some people make them into a hedge and prune on regular bases.

19 Apr, 2022


Thank you for that information, very interesting that they can be made into a hedge

20 Apr, 2022

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