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Is this a weed, or should I leave it? Thanks!




It could be evening primrose, looks like a flower spike forming in the centre

If it is EP then weed or choice flower very much depends on your point of view & where it is

I have tjem and love them, as do bees

20 Apr, 2022


Thanks Grandad, well I do like evening primrose, and there is a flower bud forming. So I will wait to see it flower … thank you 🙂.

20 Apr, 2022


it is only a weed if you don't want it or its in the wrong place.

20 Apr, 2022


Yes, I’ve heard that before Eileen! I just wasn’t sure what it was …

20 Apr, 2022


It doesn't remind me of EP as I think of their leaves being more shiny but more of one of the willow herbs. leave it to flower then let us know please.

21 Apr, 2022


Isn't it too early for EP. I tried to grow from seed once and I don't remember it having such large leaves.

21 Apr, 2022


Debs, think you're right about too early for EP, and I now find one of these triffids in my garden, a bit further on than OP, the flower spike is growing upwards rapidly with my camera at the ready for when it opens

Watch this space as they say

22 Apr, 2022


I look forward to seeing your photo Grandad!

22 Apr, 2022


have you got sweet rocket in he garden? it reminds me of that too.

28 Apr, 2022


Yes I do have sweet rocket, but I’ve never seen a variegated form …

28 Apr, 2022


I sometimes find a colour break on the leaves.

28 Apr, 2022


The flower head (not yet open) is looking very like Hesperis (sweet rocket), so thanks Seaburn for suggesting I leave it. I’ll take another photo when it flowers.

9 May, 2022


The similar one I have I mentioned has become a foxglove, buds not yet opened but colour is showing

10 May, 2022

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