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I have cut a Pink Lady apple in two, and the pips inside were sprouting. I have potted them on do you think they will grow



If they are sprouting then there is no reason why they wont grow. Try not to over water them.
There are things to consider, Most modern apples are taken from cuttings and therefore fruit much sooner, I couldn't say how long a seed will take to fruit. Also apples tend to be grafted on to stonger root stocks so I don't know how desease resistant it will be. Pink lady is apparantly a mixture of Golden Delicious and Lady Williams, and is grown in hot climates, and take a while to fruit, so its best chance is in frount of a south facing wall.
Hope that helps.

27 Sep, 2010


Ah, the Apple tree from a pip question. It is reckoned that Malus domesticus is the most likely to vary from seed of all plants. If you sowed all the pips in one apple you would almost certainly get a different type of apple from each one. So if you expect a Pink Lady apple you will be very disappointed. the pips will grow into trees and fruit eventually, 5 to 10 years hence. The height of the tree could be any where from 15 to 50 feet, eventually. The most likely apple would be small and bitter. BUT you never know you might get a decent one, after all Granny Smith did.

27 Sep, 2010

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