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Any ideas what this is please?




do you mean the plant or the spider?
the plant reminds me of an anemone but not sure. what does the label say?

did it grow from seed or a corm?

1 May, 2022


Seaburngirl, thank you. I didn’t realise it had a spider on it at the time of posting lol. The plant was my query. It was given to my Grandson at nursery to take home & watch it grow. No label I’m afraid.

1 May, 2022


If you want it to grow well I'd be tempted to tip it out and put some more compost in the pot. What its got will keep it going for a while but it would be better with deeper compost.

5 May, 2022


Steragram , thankyou , I will put more compost in the pot

6 May, 2022

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