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I don't know the answer to this.

Can you safely cook and eat the runner beans [seeds] that were collected last year but not needed for plants this year. I have about 1lb in the store.



Yes, but they need boiling like dried red kidney beans to remove toxins first

I've not eaten them myself so no idea if they are palatable or worth the effort

I also did a search for how to do it, loads of answers, all very similar but here's one

2 May, 2022


I remember all the scares about not boiling kidney beans properly when I was a student in the 70's. They are going to go into casseroles so I will give them a go.
Thanks Grandad gardener.

2 May, 2022


Give them a good overnight soak first.

5 May, 2022


Thank you I will.

5 May, 2022

How do I say thanks?

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