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Euphorbia crisis

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Help! I've just moved an established euphorbia [silver swan] into a space left by another plant that had grown too big for the bed, in order to give it more growing space but am now regretting it as it is looking very 'unhappy' [previously wonderful full and 'fluffy' looking foliage is now drooping]. Will it recover and is there anything I can do to help it?



It might recover, but they don't move well, and aren't plants of strong constitution. When conditions are favourable, they flourish, but if something doesn't agree with them, they can suddenly look quite sick, and fail completely. Not a lot you can do, but pray for a good rain, and even temps so it has the best of chances. Phil J

27 Sep, 2010


In my 'own' personal experience these actually 'are' tough plants, i've abused them terribly and they bounce right back again so i'd say give it some time and it'll probably settle down and be fine.
I've had some that i've neglected too, in the past, and end up looking quite ill but i've kept them well watered and again they've bounced back.
Let us know how your plants gets on.

28 Sep, 2010

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