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Is it difficult to grow petrovska (?) or Russian sage? I have bought a couple of plants which are really struggling here on neutral ph wealden clay.



This is the link to the RHS.

Prefers free draining soil so I suspect it is the clay that is the problem. dig in lots of grit/sand/humus to aid the drainage.
They flower in the late summer ealy autumn.

11 May, 2022


Thanks again SBG, I'm off to buy some grit.

12 May, 2022


Pennyfarthing, I also find them difficult. In the ground they grew straggly. Not a bit like the bushes i see on council plantings. My garden is clay under the compost too, SBG 's answer makes sense to me too.
Now I've put one in a pot with lots of grit and hoping it will do better.
The foliage is such a subtle colour shade of bluey/green/grey and that's what attracts me.

12 May, 2022


Agree Merlin, love the colours. Would really love to have a few wafting through the border, but maybe pots are the answer.

13 May, 2022


In Flagstaff, Arizona, they grow vigorously in full sun, in weathered volcanic cinders.

23 May, 2022


That's interesting, Tug!
Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately), volcanic cinders are hard to come by here! However, it would be good to find out what it is in volcanic cinders that is so good for them! Do you mean that they grow wild? That must be quite a sight .
I have now repotted mine with lots of grit and am waiting to see if they improve.

24 May, 2022


None growing wild in Arizona--we only have sterile hybrids here (thank goodness!) Volcanic cinders are good for a lot of plants, but the point here is the very sharp drainage that they supply.

26 May, 2022


Thanks for the info, Tug.

27 May, 2022

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