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Hi there

Over wintered geraniums have spectacular flowers, but foliage is very sparse. Is it nitrogen that is needed, and if so, can someone please recommend a fertilizer that contains this.

Thank you



Most do. You can use Growmore, Bio, etc. Most of them have a balance of Nitrogen Potassium and Phosphorus

14 May, 2022


Thank you. I have been just using an all round fertilizer and the blooms have gone crazy throughout the winter and into Spring whilst in the greenhouse. Perhaps I will try Bio and see if this works better.

15 May, 2022


I wouldn't worry too much though. Mine are the same and still flowering brilliantly. They are a joy in the winter aren't they? Tough little things they are... If you overfeed you might get leaves at the expense of flowers!

15 May, 2022


Thank you for coming back with this:-)
Actually it wouldn't matter too much if there were less flowers because the blooms are so abundant, it wouldn't be noticed if they were reduced a little.
Yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to take them outside, 10 pots ! The weather was mild and the forecast was OK so left them on the patio table overnight. I was upset to find that there had been a deluge of rain overnight which had beaten down the many blooms, and because the stems had grown long, they couldn't cope with the weight I couldn't have chosen a worse time to try to harden them off !!!! They are now sitting under a garden parasol trying to recover.

16 May, 2022


Oh how very frustrating - isn't that just the way of things?

16 May, 2022


Yes indeed :-)

17 May, 2022


Whilst on this subject, to another fellow geranium lover, can you please tell me why, the flower stems grow so long in the winter months, I wouldn't have thought they would be straining for light in a greenhouse?

18 May, 2022

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