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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Identification please.
This plant (weed?) is quote prolific in the woodland area of our garden. Quite happy to let it spread as much as it likes as, after losing 12 trees in Storm Arwen, we have a lot of new ground to cover - just wondered what its called. Thanks.




Looks like a red campion

17 May, 2022


Red campion as suggested. I have it growing, loved by insects & butterflies, not too invasive or a nuisance so if space just let it be

18 May, 2022


Delighted to hear that’s what it is. Its now free to roam wherever it wishes - within the wood!

18 May, 2022


It is invasive here (grows wild on the roadsides)so don't let it seed.

18 May, 2022


I wish it would grow on the verges here. We need more wildflowers. Councils area now being urged to mow less so that native plants have a chance.

19 May, 2022


Well I called them verges but they are banks along lanes really. But they wouldn't survive mowing at all really as they get quite tall. Re mowing I guess it depends where they are. Wild verges in built up areas can end up just looking neglected and people would start complaining about weeds seeding into their gardens...You can't please all the people all the time, sadly. But there are heaps of good verges in Devon after all? If you ever want some seeds let me know,though once you have a plant or two they should be self sustaining..

19 May, 2022

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