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Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

Can you please help me to get rid of a species of mining bee.I have what can only be described as a plague and it is making life in the garden very uncomfortable Thanks in anticipation M Tooley



Where are they mining? Lawn? Rockery? house walls?

28 Sep, 2010


Please don't get rid of the bees. British wild bees have a hard enough time of it anyway!

28 Sep, 2010


these are some of the smallest solitary bees, are they causing you damage in any way ? Please give us some background info as to your situation. We have mining bees & leaf cutter bees etc in the garden, to me they fascinate but I fully understand some folk may be unduly worried but really you need'nt be.

28 Sep, 2010


Mining bees like sandy soil so if yours are in the soil you could enrich it by adding compost after these youngsters have flown and so deter them next year.
If in the lawn they are will most likely aerate it for you anyway.
The majority of the species of miner bees don't sting and those which do it is quite feeble.
The main problem you may encounter is if the nest has been overtaken by 'cuckoo' bees which steal the nectar and kill the larvae of the mining bee.As you are describing it as a 'plague' this could be likely as mining bees are solitary females which occasionally allow another female to share the burrow.
Please try to identify the ones you have,if you joined us and included a photo of them there are several members interested in bee conservation who could help, or look them up on the internet before you think of destroying them.

28 Sep, 2010

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