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I am doing something wrong but what, I have sown some Tumbling Tom Tomato seeds twice when they get the second leafs I have planted on to pots after about a week they wilt and die.I have used a peat free potting compost to grow them on but to no avail, out of 25 seeds only 2 plants have come through. All my other tomato plants have come through Gardeners delight and roma. Can anyone help me on this issue?



Try leaving them to grow on a bit larger instead of moving, to get some decent roots on them first

19 May, 2022


Thank you for that I will give it a go.

19 May, 2022


As suggested, try leaving them a little longer before potting on. Use 9cm pots and plant them deep but only handle by the leaves and not the stems. Somtimes you can get a packet of seeds which are of poor quality so perhaps if this continues you could email the seed merchant and ask for a replacement.

19 May, 2022


Bad seeds wouldn't sprout at all. Are the seedlings getting plenty of light? Stretched out, light starved seedlings will have a tough time adapting to separation and repotting.

23 May, 2022


Thank you for that Tugrethil, I thought that they were gettin to much direct sunlight so I put up a net defuser up where they were in the greenhouse but they the still keeled over. I will try again next year but with a differant compost and leave them in longer. What do you mean Stretched out?

24 May, 2022


Seedlings without enough light look like a bowl of spaghetti, with 2-6 inches of stem from the ground level to the seed leaves. Ideal is less than an inch. I would plant the seeds where they can get at least a half day of direct sun from before they sprout.

26 May, 2022


Thank you for that Tugbrethil I will try that next time I sow some seeds.

27 May, 2022

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