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Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Have just been given a Dicksonia antaretica , how do I look after it over winter? It has a trunk about 14" high.

On plant Dicksonia antarctica



If it's outside, then probably best to cover the crown with fleece (i.e protecting it from severe frost). If in a pot, protect the pot too, as a hard frost will kill off the rudimentary roots that it has. Perhaps tuck the plant in against the house wall, which might give it some protection. Peversely, mine survived outside last winter, despite the severe cold. Phil J

28 Sep, 2010


I've had two for seven years and I loosely pack the crown with straw and then cover with fleece. i put the pots on pot feet to raise off the cold ground and wrap a single thickness of bubble wrap around the outside of the pot.

They are so expensive it's worth making the effort. But as a New Zealander I find it odd as I'm used to seeing hundreds of them growing around and about.

30 Sep, 2010

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