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Plant i.d. Looks like a geranium on steroids? Got it from a plant sale and have no idea what it is? Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Geranium maderense?

24 May, 2022


I'd agree with that id . It is a lovely plant.

24 May, 2022


Thank you. I’ve never seen a geranium so tall. Got lots of perennial ground cover type ones.

24 May, 2022


Oh !!! thankyou all, I also have this one and didn't know the name...

25 May, 2022


I think I have it too but not sure. I find them all a great boon in my garden.
When i see questions about geraniums I always wonder whether it will be about hardy geraniums or what I now think of as pelargoniums.

25 May, 2022


I believe it may be another type of geranium. We've had Geranium maderense and it had stronger, redder, thicker stems which lowered when flowering. The flowers were a paler pink (also with dark centres) and formed a big dense "globe" above the now lowered leaves. If you search for images of it on the internet, you will see its distinctive shape.

25 May, 2022


I agree with Longleaf that this is another type. It is too small and sparse to be a maderense. Go to the bottom of the page to search for what a G. maderense looks like.

26 May, 2022

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