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Will my snap dragons flower this year? I have sown these earlier in the year but wonder if they will bear flowers this year? Have seen lots of them in flower at the moment. Or am I being impatient again....

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patience is a virtue Amsterdam ;o)

mine are at the same stage. They will flower don't give up its not June yet. The ones that germinated at the end of the summer are now just budding up. The ones I left in from last year are in full flower.

31 May, 2022


Thanks Seaburngirl, I really appreciate your help in amswering my questions. Don't know what it is this year but I'm so impatient.... maybe just old age.... haven't got forever! |Ha, ha!!

31 May, 2022


I know, I am the same, things I have grown for years then this year I am being impatient. Wonder if it is age or the fact I want things done.

31 May, 2022


Did you know that they will self seed very successfully? You can get some nice crosses that way so careful weeding round them next spring.

5 Jun, 2022


Thanks Steragram, would love the garden to have lots of self seeded snapdragons next year.

10 Jun, 2022


Steragram, am pleased to report my snap dragons have started flowering! Am so pleased and yes patience is what I needed!! Thanks

25 Jun, 2022


lovely Amsterdam told you patience was a virtue

25 Jun, 2022

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