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Hello everyone and good afternoon to you all. I am looking for a very pungent foul smelling bush type plant to use as a natural deterrent, can anyone assist me with this question, Thank you.



Try the Datura plant. It is the foulest plant I have grown. It would be informative to know what form of life you would like to deter though.

2 Jun, 2022


Rue graveolens is pungent and causes rashes too.

2 Jun, 2022


what is it you want to deter? there are a few pretty smelly natives such as Hedgewort.

2 Jun, 2022


Mind Boggles in what you want to deter LOL.

3 Jun, 2022


There are lots recommended but I haven't grown them because I have cats (and they don't dig!) Rather than copy a list from Google try enquiring there - I just looked and there is quite a list.
If its visitors you don't want try a fresh manure heap by the front gate, lol... (Sorry, must be in a funny mood this evening...)
(Loostrife's reply could be fun as Datura is quite poisonous and interestingly psychoactive...)

5 Jun, 2022


Yes, I was at the GC some time ago and came across these seed packets which said in large letters “Give It A Try!” This plant is what is grown in the lower levels of hell. As a matter of fact it’s flowers are known as “Hell’s Bells”.

6 Jun, 2022

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