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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Advice please.
Storm Arwen caused a great deal damage in our garden including fallen trees smashing into these rhododendrons. All cleared now and they’re recovering well. I cleared the area around them today - never really had the chance before. You can see what a large area they fill when fully recovered. When they’ve finished flowering this year I’ll cut off the longish flowering branches to even them up a little. What I’d like some advice on is what to do with the ground under and just surrounding them. Grass hasn’t a chance of surviving. Until they’re established again - which could take a few years, I need to do something to make it more presentable. Thanks.

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Bark mulch?

3 Jun, 2022


I wondered about bark - will think about that a bit more. Thanks.

4 Jun, 2022


The other answer would be half hardy annuals. Pansies, petunias, etc.

4 Jun, 2022


Rocks, Stones & Grasses to make it look like a Dry River Bed?

7 Jun, 2022


Plant a chamomile lawn? Or mixed herbs such as themes etc.

Or sprinkle some packs of wild flowers to support butterflies and bees?

7 Jun, 2022

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