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By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

Hello all, I have once again been absent for a while but am back with a puzzled question.

Last year we planted two climbing roses in pots, they both rampaged up the garage wall, flowered beautifully, and before winter came were cut back, wrapped up and put in the frost-free shed and checked regularly.

They both seemed fine, emerged looking exactly the same and for a couple of weeks kept pace with each other growing. Then, as you can see from the photos, one just stopped for no apparent reason. The other is now blooming away merrily and continuing to grow. They get an equal amount of sun where they are.

They have been treated identically and the only visible damage is some browning on a few of the leaves of the non-growing one. There are now a few tiny leaves beginning to appear on it.

Does anyone have any idea of what could have happened and what we should do?

We garden in the Czech Republic; they were not out in frost.. We are very puzzled!

Rose_1 Rose_2



Hello and welcome back. I wonder if one just got slightly drier over winter and that has checked its growth. give it plenty of water and a light feed. If it doesn't respond you will need to knock it out and check the roots for any grubs that might be eating them.

11 Jun, 2022


Whilst I'm no rose expert, it is my opinion that most roses do not do well in pots. The roots become too hot and dry in the summer and become frozen in winter. They do best when planted in the ground where they are damp and cool. If you cannot provide these conditions then perhaps containers of a larger size.

11 Jun, 2022


Thanks for the replies. I think we may well be at knocking out time since we have tried the light feed/loads of water.
What little is growing does seem to be healthy however.

The eventual plan, hopefully next year, is to get all five roses currently in pots, into the ground, plus many more if my daughter has her way.

I think our main confusion with this one is that the other four, including its twin as you can see in the photo, are as happy as sandboys, growing madly, and with many buds or blooms (we are about a month behind the UK here in the Czech Republic). They have all had the same careful treatment and it is only the one that is laggardly...

So all possible theories are welcome, but we will take a look at what might be going on beneath the soil in the next couple of days. It's not the easiest beast to handle!

12 Jun, 2022


Just like us really - lots of us living similar lives and only a few get sick....

13 Jun, 2022


That made me laugh Steragram. Looks like some height is coming now. It's twin has many, many flowers.

14 Jun, 2022

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