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Viburnum 'onondaga' is suddenly looking rather dead ... the leaves are brown and look 'lacy'. Will a massive drenching save it? Any suggestions gratefully received.

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That looks very much like Viburnum beetle damage. Never managed to save ours when it got attacked like that.

12 Jun, 2022


Oh dear, that’s sad. But thanks Owd for letting me know.

12 Jun, 2022


This Vib often suckers so you may be able to find a clean rooted piece to start again with.

12 Jun, 2022


Oooh thanks for the tip 🙂. I’ve just tried taking a cutting, but that’s probably over optimistic!

12 Jun, 2022


Yes I'd go for Vib beetle damage too.

a neighbour had a bad case of this. He hard pruned it and raked up all the leaves and when it regrew he managed to get new growth. At the first sign of it he repeated the process. After 4 years he rescued it.

But a cutting/sucker might be a way forward but rake up the dead leaves and plant the viburnum in a different place.

12 Jun, 2022


Thanks very much Eileen … not looking good.

12 Jun, 2022

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