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Hi everyone
Aerogardens my dad has given me one never used one before anybody used one do they work



I was waiting for someone to answer this, but no one has yet - what on earth is an aerogarden?

29 Sep, 2010


Like you Bamboo, I was waiting to find out. Google, as usual, has the answer.

Still don't know the answer to Steve's question, but at least we now understand it.

29 Sep, 2010


You be the tester Steve! What have you got to lose?
"It's gardening Steve, but not as we know it"

29 Sep, 2010


I think its those pots you see in gardencentres where the plant grows on just air?

29 Sep, 2010


The plants grow in a mixture of air and water and nutrients. You place modules that have seeds in them in a carrier and they grow on from there.

29 Sep, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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