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This Bromeliad has been growing beautifully in the conservatory for a year. It has flowered, and I cut that off when it died. I’ve watered it in the centre as the internet told me, and it’s always looked strong and healthy.
It’s been out side on its summer holiday for about a month, and is turning brown and looking unhappy.
Does anyone have any ideas what I should do with it, please?




They don't like a lot of sun and will get scorched. Keep it in a somewhat shady place so it can produce pups. Once those have grown big enough to separate, toss the mother plant as it will never flower again. It takes around 2-3 years for the pups to flower.

14 Jun, 2022


Thank you. I wondered if it might be scorched. Strange really, when they come from warm countries.

14 Jun, 2022


yes they do but they live in the canopies of forests so they are warm, moist and shady. That is sun scorch.

14 Jun, 2022


Thank you

15 Jun, 2022

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