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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, APOLOGIES for the blurry pic! My friend was wondering what this is growing in her front garden? Many thanks. 😊




a non native called Fox and Cubs. Pilosella aurantiaca. Can become invasive and seeds like dandelions so it has escaped from gardens and is growing wild in many places.

15 Jun, 2022


Very pretty though, and I bet the bees love it!

16 Jun, 2022


Might be pretty, but as said it is a thug both from running roots and copious seed.

16 Jun, 2022


Thanks all - yes, I did wonder myself. Think she may remove this one if it’s a thug! Pennyfarthing, it’s a pretty flower isn’t it, agree on that! 👍

16 Jun, 2022


It does tend to attract blackfly as well so yes, best removed (or planted somewhere wild that doesn't get mown...)

17 Jun, 2022


Thanks Sue, I think she’ll definitely remove it then.

17 Jun, 2022

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