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Good morning all, 2 quieres please, firstly my potato's foliage is quite tall and even though staked some has broken off, will this effect the potatoes? Secondly my Agapanthus which has given me some lovely flowers in the past now has only foliage which looks very healthy and this is in several places in the garden. Thanks as always




Not a lot

16 Jun, 2022


Thanks, will do.

16 Jun, 2022


Sorry for the brevity was getting shouted at by she who is always right.
As long as there is still plenty of foliage left then losing a piece should not be a problem for the formation of tubers. Water is more of an issue. They need a large amount.
Most often plants which stop flowering do so because a. they are overcrowded and/or b. They are hungry. It takes a lot of energy for a plant to produce flowers.
Fallacy that Agapanthus do better when overcrowded, they don't. So Tomorite feed now and general purpose later on after the normal flowering time is over.

16 Jun, 2022


My agapanthus dont have flowers yet either but they usually start producing them by the end of the month.

16 Jun, 2022

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