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I’ve got a feeling this peony is not really happy. The red coloration around the edges of the leaves- does that indicate something? Have planted it JI no 3. Have I planted too deep or too shallow? Any advice gratefully received.

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which paeony is it?
Did you plant it at the same depth it was in the pot? if deeper then lift it slightly.

It could be just heat stress so give plenty of water and put it into semi shade.

16 Jun, 2022


It’s peony ‘Doreen’.

17 Jun, 2022


The best time to replant a peony is immediately after the foliage dies down in the autumn.The resting bud needs to be just proud of the soil

18 Jun, 2022


Thanks Andrewr. Will leave it for now and replant it in autumn.

19 Jun, 2022

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