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I still have an aphid riddled cherry tree and this year is just as bad as last if not a little worse (if that's possible). The cherries are growing getting a sticky outer coating (guessing from aphids) and consequently we have zero cherries from this tree! I am guessing it is too late to do anything this year but wonder if, after growing season (October??? advice please) if there something we can buy to put either into the soil for the tree to absorb or something? We are seriously considering digging this tree up and getting rid but I do love it. I have also noticed that the black aphids are affecting our rose bushes both front and back? Any suggestions gratefully received as I am not a good gardener but am trying and so need advice. Thank you in advance



we have successfully used a product that is called ant sugar. its an ant poison that the ants take into the nest and when eaten kills them.

20 Jun, 2022


I believe Ant Stop might be the solution as far as the ants on the ground are concerned. They take it back to the nest and it's supposed to kill them all. Boiling water where there is no danger to plants. As far as the trees are concerned, it's worth a try with sticky (grease) bands around the trunk to prevent them climbing.

20 Jun, 2022


The scales you pictured excrete a large amount of honeydew which always attract ants.

20 Jun, 2022


the scale photo was charnwood's not Gerbera55's Loosetrife but you are still correct re the scale and its honeydew. ;o)

21 Jun, 2022

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