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West Somerset, England Eng

Please can anyone identify this plant for me?




not sure could it be Mirabillis?
its very pretty what ever it is.

21 Jun, 2022


No, it isn't, but thank you. X

21 Jun, 2022


The flowers remind me of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis but the leaves are not the right shape.

Hi Barbara, long time no see :) Hope you are well ...
I have been missing from GoY for a while myself.

21 Jun, 2022


Hallo Hywel - nice to see you, even if you can't ID my plant!

22 Jun, 2022


what about Brugmansia [angel's trumpets]? is it in your garden Spritz?
Have you had your eyes done yet?

22 Jun, 2022


Not brugmansia...and yes, I dug the plant up and kept it in a pot in case of cold weather.

Yes, I just have another check up in 2 weeks' time, plus a phone check to finish it, after a year.

22 Jun, 2022


in that case I am stumped.
brilliant re your eyes. :o)

22 Jun, 2022

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