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Does anyone know which bird whistles? I’ve just heard it and it’s reminiscent of the whistling on One Man and his Dog. I wonder if it’s a bird of prey?



our male blackbirds do a very monotonous whistle [bit like through our teeth] which drives me nuts at times.

22 Jun, 2022


They are brilliant mimics too so it could have been listening to a gardener whilstling while he worked. One near us used to ring like a phone - really reallistic it was too!

22 Jun, 2022


We have a starling that 'rings' twice just enough to make you get up and head for the house. I wonder if it laughs at us?

22 Jun, 2022


My daughter lives in Marlow and there are a lot of red kites there. They make a noise like the buzzards in American cowboy films, circling dead prey.

23 Jun, 2022


our UK buzzards also make a similar noise. We have 3 that often fly over our village crying out to each other.

23 Jun, 2022


The noise I've heard from both buzzards and red kites are a mewling sound. I've never heard them whistling. I do know, though, that starlings are great at mimicking so maybe that was what I heard - there must have been an old fashioned delivery boy around:)!
I didn't know blackbirds also whistled. Thanks you for all the comments.

24 Jun, 2022


Interesting - I've never heard a red kite make a sound at all. To be fair to blackbirds they do sing beautifully when they've a mind to!

24 Jun, 2022


This morning there was a red kite hovering and it was whistling! so I think I've found the culprit. It then swooped down into a neighbour's garden and flew off again. It was far larger than I thought it was though I knew they were big birds. At least it frightened the mass of greedy starlings off the bird feeder - for 5 minutes!

Thanks for all the previous replies.

29 Jun, 2022

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