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I've been using peat free compost this year, but my pot plants don't seem to like it and it goes rock hard quite quickly. Anyone have a similar problem?



I must say that I haven't had that problem but I have mixed in extra leaf litter with it to make it go further. The quality does vary depending on the make. I cant remember the one I used and I don't have the packaging any more.

23 Jun, 2022


As SBG says, quality varies, I've had some really rotten stuff and some OK, it doesn't seem to be price linked either although I've never bought the really expensive stuff

And IME one that is good this year may not be the following year, all very inconsistent and so far I've not fouind the answer

23 Jun, 2022


I've used peat free this year when pricking out seedlings. I top dress the pots with horticultural grit which stops them drying out - you might want to try some sort of 'mulch' on your pots and see if that helps

26 Jun, 2022


Thank you everyone for the answers and suggestions to my peat problems.

5 Jul, 2022

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