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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi folks, I have lots of Aquilegia in my garden. I know they self seed, but I want to try and propagate my own seeds this year (for next season). Never done it before. I have purchased a little propagator. I have collected some seeds from the used up pods. My question is when is the best time to have a go at this procedure.



Sow the seeds fresh. Like all Ranunculacae they germinate better when sown fresh.
If not then save dry in the Salad part of the fridge. Sow in Spring, but gently rub the seeds between to pieces of fine sand paper before sowing. It makes them take in water and germinate quicker.

23 Jun, 2022


I would also sow them fresh and keep them well watered but not waterlogged. They germinate really easy when they drop onto the garden so you should get lots of success.

23 Jun, 2022


Thank you, folks. Have I read correctly that the seeds from one specific Aquilegia doesn't necessarily mean the same Aquilegia will form from that seed?

25 Jun, 2022


They do vary a lot from seed.

25 Jun, 2022


Thank you

25 Jun, 2022


They are also "very promiscuous"

26 Jun, 2022

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