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Acer, orange dream
Good day to you. I have an Acer orange dream in a large pot with the correct compost, planted 2020. The edges of leaves are looking dry and crispy. Any ideas why ? I am thinking the weather. I fed it with a correct feed recently. Thanks for reading .



that sounds typical of heat/sun/wind damage. With the weather the way it is at present that is the most likely cause.

24 Jun, 2022


Yes, they can be sensitive souls. I lost a beauty that way. They like shelter and a bit of shade.

24 Jun, 2022


Agree with the others … your Acer will be happy if it’s sheltered from the wind.

24 Jun, 2022


I keep mine mainly in the shade & close to the house wall in the winter months, I have a North Facing garden.

25 Jun, 2022


Thank you for the replies, I thought it would be due to the weather conditions, I shall move put along so its in the shade a bit. Thanks .

25 Jun, 2022

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