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how do i take a cutting from a japenese maple



Basically you don't as the majority are grafted and the ones you can take cuttings from need professional kit to grow the acer.

29 Sep, 2010



29 Sep, 2010


I agree with Mg but you might try taking seeds and planting them if it has them, I noticed earlier in the year a little seedling growing, I dug it up and planted in a pot, put it in a sheltered place !! then went on holiday!! needless to say it has gone!! but if I had looked after it I might just have had a small tree by now!! lol you notice I say MIGHT.!!

29 Sep, 2010


Doubtful Maggy - the seed will not necessarily produce the same tree as the mother tree. Depends on what it was pollinated by.

29 Sep, 2010


Really? this little seedling I found was a miniature of the Acer Aconitifolium I have.

1 Oct, 2010

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