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By Hannes

South Africa Za

Thank you. we have not had any rain this spring in SA yet but, i have been watering from mid August already. I have not added any fertilizer or food of sorts . maybe I have been giving then to much water. do you think this is likely if I have been watering every second day or so?



Maybe it is too much water. I water mine once a week in spring and fall, and twice a week in the summer--and that's in 40+ deg. C temps! Unless the soil is extremely fast draining, every-other-day watering is likely to damage the roots. Hmmm. I just realized: I am assuming that these are in the ground, not in pots.

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29 Sep, 2010


Been a while. yes they are in the ground. Over the last month I have planted a couple more trees and have moved the sick chilli tree to a big pot. As you have mentioned it might be to much water. My other plants are looking strong though. I will add some picks of the sick tree

1 Nov, 2010


I just realized that I am making another assumption. I'm assuming that these are big chili pepper plants! Is there a kind of actual tree called a "Chilli"?

1 Nov, 2010

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