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Brassicas. I lost all my seedlings -kale and broccoli eaten by something, so bought strips of young ones. They are very planted out in a different place with proper watering but on each one there is a lower leaf yellowing. I have not had this problem before and earlier planted brussels sprouts in the same bed are doing beautifully and growing well. I really don't want to lose these as well - any ideas please? Could it be magnesium deficiency - though nothing else seems to be affected.
Not a good yer - beans don't seem to be setting much for plans!



There are many reasons why your new planting was unsuccessful; it could be immature root system or disturbance on transplanting. I would suggest that you might have been better off by potting your new seedlings on for a little while longer before planting them out.

2 Jul, 2022


The lower leaf is probably the seed leaf and will turn yellow and drop off. If it is a true leaf its was probably running out of nutrients from being in a strip with other plants.

keep them well watered and once roots are established they will romp away. Well that's what I have found in the past.

3 Jul, 2022


When I had my allotment, one of the neighbours used to cut off the top of clear plastic bottles with and put them over her brassica seedlings when she transplanted them, to stop the pigeons getting them and they worked like miniature greenhouses as well. They all grew very well.

4 Jul, 2022

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