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By Robjoby

North Humberside, United Kingdom Gb

I have a young James Greives Apple tree, which has had a good crop this year, but most of the apples are spotted on the surface, as shown on the attached photos. Any suggestions of what causes this and any remedies for next year?
Problem number two is on the Gourmet Peppers I've grown in my greenhouse. See attached photo. All plants have looked really healthy and had a good crop of peppers, but at least half of the fruits have shown some areas of rot, even before full maturity. Some of these problems are due to peppers growing tightly against branches and bruising, but others are showing rot where nothing is in contact with the fruit. The plants have been watered with an automatic watering system, that maintains the same level of moisture in the grow bags, but I've never grown peppers before and I was wondering whether I've set the moisture level too high.
Any body had any similar problems, or can offer any possible solutions for next year?

James_greives_apple_spots Gourmet_peppers_rot_problem



apples look as if they could have a touch of scab,you can spray against it by i try not to use sprays,rack up the leaves and burn them,sometimes its just the weather,damp and humid,mine sometimes get a bit.
secondly the peppers have a what looks like blossom end rot,this happens with tomatoes in grow bags as well,normally incorrect watering.hope that helps abit.

29 Sep, 2010


Depending on the mix you used in the grow bag, it could be caused by keeping the soil a little too dry, especially at night, or by the soil not having enough calcium. Here in the desert, we use gypsum to correct the latter problem, but limestone may be more useful where you are.

29 Sep, 2010

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