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how can we obliterate mouse plant from our garden. its growing everywhere and spreading rapidly. under paths, under all of our rhodies. now its got into our vegie garden. my wife reckons its going to take over the world.what a pest

On plant Arisarum proboscideum



Lawsy! I can't find any info on control of the plant!
I would first try to dig it out. If the rhizomes prove to come up from such small pieces that that's impractical, I would paint the leaves with professional grade RoundUp, taking all due precautions--gloves, mask, etc.--and being careful not to spill it on the ground. It could be a long job, from the sound of it.

29 Sep, 2010


Interesting, it grows slowly in our garden!

30 Sep, 2010


It's a different way to be over-run by mice! :-) At least your biscuits and cheese are safe.

30 Sep, 2010

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