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By Lulu33

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, I have some Irises in a bed which I have just widened. The iris's I am sure need more sun at their base, can anyone tell me please the best way and time to move them and also some day lilies which are getting a bit crowded. A friend tells me that Iris's don't mind a bit of gravel in their soil. I would be very grateful to know what to do with them as they are all so pretty. Thanks.



Now is the time while there is warmth in the ground still, but Irises are tough old things..I regret I do things with mine I wouldnt recommend!! lol. Yes they like drainage and being baked but some of mine survive very well in less than ideal conditions.
Still, for best results, a handful of grit in the hole, make a little hill with soil inside hole to top, spread roots around sides of "hill" and rhizome should rest on top, therefore being on surface.(This is not the same for Iris Sibirca !)Backfill. Feed well in spring and again after flowering if remontant or early Autumn to build strength for flowering following year. Let me know if you have Iris Germanica or Iris Sibirica. The above is for Germanica.
Simbad the best person for Daylilies.

30 Sep, 2010


Now is the perfect time to split up and replant the Daylillies. Remember to enrich the soil before replanting.

30 Sep, 2010


Thanks to you both. Will do this asap! Can't remember which iris i have will go look in the care card bag, all I know is, it's big flower pale mauve!!! Like lot's of them I suppose!!

30 Sep, 2010


Iris germanica has rhizomes (knobbly bits that rest ON the soil, Sibirica has a more "normal" root system..bit like a day lily really!

30 Sep, 2010

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