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no leaves on bottom of plant




25 Aug, 2008


do you mean the clematis plant and in which case if it is the large flowering sort I cut mine down in November to 12 inches and put about an inch of soil on the top. If it's the smaller flowering one then I cut it down by half in July.

26 Aug, 2008


Unfortunately, many Clematis plants do this. They have their leaves and flowers further up and leave bare stems. One way to handle this is to plant some other pretty plants in the soil around the plant to hide the stems. Talking about pruning is a whole new subject - Clematis are divided into groups 1, 2, 2/3 and 3 for this, to help people to know when and how to prune. The info is normally on the plant label. Basically, Group 1 (or A) is the C.montanas and alpinas that flower early and don't need any annual pruning except perhaps a little tidy-up after they've flowered. Group 2 (or B) and 3 (or C) are the summer and autumn flowering Clematis, and they need pruning in early spring back to the first pair of healthy buds near the base on each stem. Group 2/3 (or B/C) can be treated the same or just tidied up. If you prune your plant correctly, as well as feeding it, it will reward you with lots of flowers and help to keep as many leaves near the base as possible. I'm sorry that this answer seems to have turned into a long lesson on pruning Clematis, but I do hope that you find it of use - if you didn't doze off reading it! lol.

26 Aug, 2008

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