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North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

My tree is around 5' tall and we planted it around 3 yrs ago. Over the last month I have noticed some of the needles turning yellow predominantly on the lower branches but some also higher up. I dont think its cats or dogs spraying urine because its not patchy. Any suggestions please?



Might help if you said what tree it is, although you mention needles, so it's some type of conifer.

30 Sep, 2010


If it's a pine, then I suspect it's only the oldest needles whch are fading, as is natural, and as long as the top growth on each stem is still fresh and green(or bluish), then you're okay. Be aware of dry spells, however (probably alright now 'til next spring), and give it a good soaking when it is dry. Bluespruce you Blue or Green today? Phil J

30 Sep, 2010


Sorry Phil...not with you ..Blue or Green today ?? ..:0)

30 Sep, 2010

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