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By Spindle

Tyrone, United Kingdom Gb

Hello there. The cream bracts on my kousa are turning brown and crispy. The leaves are fine, and the shrub looks healthy otherwise. Can anyone help figure out what's wrong?? It's a young shrub. I planted it 3 years ago.



They don't last forever. Perhaps they have reached the end of their usefulness to the tree?
The ones in Powis castle garden yesterday had almost all fallen.

15 Jul, 2022


could be age related as Owd says but also the heat wont be helping.
if the rest of the shrub is healthy dont worry.

15 Jul, 2022


Thank you x glad its nothing serious. Fingers crossed for berries :)

15 Jul, 2022


I think that’s perfectly normal for Kousa at this time of year.

17 Jul, 2022


Thank you. That is so reassuring x

18 Jul, 2022

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