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what is the best way to keep soil free from leaves



If there was a quick solution to this question I would tell you. I believe picking them up is the answer. I have a blower that I use on the grass and paths, but it isn't much good in the flower beds. Some people think the leaves protect the plants in the winter others say it is a source of disease and a home for slugs!!!!
Leaves with black spot should be removed, but don't compost them as it spreads.
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30 Sep, 2010


Concrete? As Linda says, keeping on picking 'em up keeps the soil free of them. But dead leaves are good for plants when the earthworms have dragged them down and eaten them, so I leave them except where the wind blows them into deep drifts. I've made a cage out of chicken wire for excess dead leaves to sit in and rot into leaf mould this year. Some dead leaves are good in the compost heap if you're short of "browns" - see earlier discussion of a compost heap with a problem.

30 Sep, 2010


We cherish each leaf that falls into our garden and ones that fall in the local car park too. They get turned into leaf mould which is very desirable for us. On garden beds I'd just let them rot into the ground good humus which all soil needs.

30 Sep, 2010

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