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Can anyone recommend a compact white/cream hydrangea for a dappled shady spot? I would prefer the paniculata variety. Thanks.



the gardeners world website list some smaller ones in this article.

17 Jul, 2022


I have an oak leafed hydrangea with brilliant white flowers the shape of fat lilac flowers.It is flowering now and is beautiful. It is still compact after at least ten years - about five feet max. Have to admit this is the first yer it has been magnificent rather than just ok, but worth waiting for.

17 Jul, 2022


Thanks Seaburn girl. Have had a look at that website but wondered if anyone you give a personal recommendation.

Steragram- you don't happen to know the name of your gorgeous hydrangea?

18 Jul, 2022


All I can remember is that its an Oak Leaved Hydrangea. (Quercifolia) I've had a look on line and the flowers are like Gatsby Gal but that pic doesn't do it justice.
Put Hydrangea quercifolia images into Google - there are two or three there. Mine took a very long time to start flowering well but if I'd known how spectacular it was going to be I'd have planted it in a more prominent position! All the flowers are on the South side.

19 Jul, 2022

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