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Hi all,Has anyone experience with using a webcam for monitoring there garden?

Tokyo, Japan Jp

Hi all,

Has anyone experience with using a webcam for monitoring their garden? Besides deer, boar, possibly reeking havoc (time will tell), I was thinking of having a live feed, then creating a sequence of season shots. Are there any good devices on the market?
Thanks, ptarotuos



No idea wouldn't think of doing personally, my garden is a haven of privacy why would I want to record what happens in it - unless it was for a wildlife programme.

1 Oct, 2010


Well, I think it could be a fascinating project Ptarotuos. I'm sorry that I can't really help either but there are people here that can help you if you join this sites forum.

1 Oct, 2010


Great idea Ptarotuos, I see you live in Tokyo and have boar visiting your garden! I would wanna see that :) Sorry im not much help in the webcam department, I just wanted to give you a Positive Comment and wish you Luck :).... Dee....

1 Oct, 2010


Yes me too, would love to see what goes on in the gardens, I am no good with technology tho' sorry, don't even have a webcam, wouldn't know how to work it. Shame.

1 Oct, 2010


There is a system which connects either to your computer or your television - I know for the computer you need the appropriate software and cameras linked to it, usually wirelessly. I do not, though, know the name of the software, sorry. I believe for it to be displayed on your television, a good aerial fitter will know how to do that, but it does involve buying some sort of control box - it also seems that, on the tv, the pictures are mono rather than colour, but it is a live feed, meaning you can tune into the pre set channel any time and have a split screen showing the view from all the cameras, or select a single view.

1 Oct, 2010


We have cameras triggered by infra red detectors in addition to our security system which allows us to monitor front/ back gardens it's recorded onto a DVR
and the software allows us to view any triggered recordings or indeed any we choose to record on computer or TV, and by using a free software programme can view when on holiday or away from home. This is the system we are using at the moment.

1 Oct, 2010


Cannot help with your query, Ptarotuos, but imagine you could have some wonderful footage! Good luck with your quest!

1 Oct, 2010


Thanks everyone for your comments. Be, ptarotuos

5 Oct, 2010


I've just stumbled upon your blog, Ptarotuou. Seeing footage of your wildlife and garden would be so interesting and/or photos but I think from your question you are wanting the video record for your own purposes? For public viewing of your property/wildlife etc. (if privacy is not an issue) then I'd suggest joining YouTube and using your video camera to take footage and upload onto your YTube page.

Hope you're enjoying being a part of GOY...a belated welcome from me.

21 Oct, 2010

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