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What is this?

I thought it might be some kind of Lewisii because that is what my records suggest but am not convicned at all.

Any ideas?

Dscn6578 Dscn6579



Leaves do not look succulent enough for most Lewisias.

26 Jul, 2022


looks like one of the lobelia fan series to me. but.....

27 Jul, 2022


Thanks, Seaburngirl. I'll check that.

30 Jul, 2022


Had a quick look, but don't think it is a lobelia fan.

30 Jul, 2022


Actually, now I am not so sure, Seaburngirl.

I have found a record in my diary of planting a lobelia a couple of years back and I rememebr moving a plant from that are last year. So this may well be that lobelia.

30 Jul, 2022

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