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Any advice on keeping geraniums, pansy and impatiens for next cuttings...any advice please will be a grate help...many thanks



Pansies bin them, or shove them in the garden, impatiens will keep as houseplants, but not any other way. Geraniums can be kept in a frost free, dry but unheated place with daylight, although its the dry that's most important - they withstand up to 10 degs of frost, but get rot at the drop of a hat in damp conditions. Do not allow any leaves to fall onto the compost over winter, cut them back by half before storing them somewhere, don't water other than a teeny drop about once in the winter if storing somewhere unheated, check the plants regularly. Puffing them with sulphur dust helps to prevent fungal infections.

1 Oct, 2010


Thank you so much for your advice and i was asking many people but now i know what to do....will do that right away....thanks again.

1 Oct, 2010


Geraniums(pelargoniums_) can be brought inside and kept on a sunny windowsill and they will flower all year around. I bring a few in from my garden just before the hard frosts and pot them into 1 litre pots. They flower forever! A good tip though to keep them looking tight and not leggy is to have two lots. One kept in a low use bedroom where they're not seen much and can be hard pruned and the other for display. Every few months when the display plants get leggy cut them back really hard to about 1 inch tall . they will regrow foliage in about 3 weeks and flower again in 6! Put the trimmed ones in the low use bedroom and the regrown ones on display.

Here are some on my windowsill

1 Oct, 2010

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